A Friend for Life and Beauty

Mary Kay launched her business in 1963 to give women the opportunity she never had – no limits on advancement opportunities or earning potential. The vehicle for her dream company is skin care and cosmetics. Products for, with and about women, both consumable and something that connects with women throughout their lives.

I came into Mary Kay in 1997 looking for part time income to supplement my teacher salary. I didn’t use the product before I signed up. I had chronic adult acne and didn’t wear color cosmetics. However, I felt confident this was something that I could learn and we needed the money. I didn’t have much in the way of goals or dreams.

What I found was I loved seeing the transformation in myself as my skin improved and my confidence grew.

Even more, I loved seeing the transformation in my customers and clients. It was such a joy sharing the products and the opportunity!

Developing relationships and helping the women in my circle of influence with whatever it is that they need – that’s my mission – and I do that first and foremost through my Mary Kay business. I may also provide a recipe, life hack, tell you where to find a great shoe sale or talk to you about home schooling. I am an excellent source for referrals for where you might want to go or what you might need to have done and I make a great cup of tea.

Your joy is my delight.
I want to be one of the best parts of your life,
as much as you will allow.