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Training on Make-Up Application

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Business Update!

For the time being, our training with makeup models will be done as Facebook Lives Monday nights at 6:30.

For clients and customers, I will continue to deliver your products to your home or work. I have plenty on hand! If you prefer you can pick up your items from my home or I can send them through the mail.

Thank you for supporting my business.

 Your Joy is My Delight

 I want to be one of the best parts of your life, as much as you will allow. I am an excellent source for referrals for where you might want to go or what you might need to have done and I make a great cup of tea. I am your friend for life and beauty.

A Friend For Life And Beauty

Mary Kay Lakeland - Tracie Carley - Make-Up, Training, Business

Expertise in teaching Skin Care & Make-Up Application.

Experienced in building a Mary Kay business.

Passionate about being your Friend in Life and Beauty.

Eager to meet you!